101 Fellowship

Break into the world of venture capital through our two month fellowship

Apply by 5th of December 2023 to join the winter 2024 cohort.

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“The 101 fellowship helped open doors for me that I didn’t know existed. The hands-on learning experience, alongside the networking sessions, made for an amazing experience I would recommend to anyone interested in VC!”

Harshita Bhatt
101 Fellow

"The 101 Fellowship was for me a unique opportunity to kickstart my career in entrepreneurship and navigate the VC world!"

Christian Pisetta
101 Fellow

“Incredible experience into pipeline building and fundraising, and highly informative sessions from VCs across the world”

Cindy Ai
101 Fellow

"After the program we realized how much value the interns brought to us that we ended up adopting the model permanently."

Agate Freimane
General Partner at Norrsken

So, what is included?

The 10-week unpaid program includes the experience of practical work in a VC company. You will be involved in fundraising and pipeline building along with learning sessions with VCs and guest speakers on topics across the whole spectrum of the VC world, like…

– LP outreach and building a deck
– Relevant players (GP, LP, VC, PE, etc.)
– Establishing and legalities of a fund
– Strategy and thesis of a fund
– Economics of a fund and fund returns
– Pipeline building
– Due diligence and contracting
– Value add to portfolio companies

Start: Mid January 2024
End: March 2024
10 Weeks
15 – 20 h/week
Apply by: 5th of December 2023
Positions: 1-3 per fund

VCs we have worked with

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- 1 -

"Perfect fusion of theory and practice. The insight provided in the interactive session are invaluable. Having taken part in multiple VC programmes I can say without a doubt that 101 Fellowship is a top VC programme. Upon completion I've lined up more than 4 interviews in a week and have a much better grasp of VC and the career path I want to take."
- 2 -

"101 Fellowship is an intense deep-dive experience into VCs world. I liked learning-by-doing approach but also weekly sessions with amazing partners from VCs all over the world. I love how informal and open the communication was and overall culture. Great learning and networking experience."
- 3 -

"The 101 Fellowship program is like a startup accelerator, but for people who are passionate about breaking into the VC world. A very enriching experience to lay the groundwork, get hands-on experience, and build valuable connections."
- 4 -

"The programme was incredibly enriching for both my personal & professional development. This is a career I’m excited by the prospect of, as it encompasses growth in a multitude of directions."
- 5 -

"We made an offer to one of the interns through the 101 Fellowship programme. I still think it's a great opportunity for the interns to showcase themselves"
- 6 -

"The programme was incredibly enriching for both my personal & professional development. This is a career I’m excited by the prospect of, as it encompasses growth in a multitude of directions."


What will I actually be doing?

In previous years fellows have taken part in expanding dealflow, helped evaluate companies, built processes, crafted reports, and were involved in fundraising. Each VC is different and the eventual work is ultimately up to you and them. The tasks will of course partly depend on your strengths.  

What is the selection process like?

The process consists of the application, a small practical task, and an interview. Do note that the organizers are in charge of the selection process. They make recommendations to the funds about who to choose, so it's likely that you will not meet the team you will be working with beforehand.

What `types of funds are involved?

Early-stage funds investing in the first few funding rounds of startups. Some of the funds invest globally while others have a clear geographical focus. A few of the funds are specialized - such as in the games industry or in supply chain and mobility startups. Others are industry agnostic. Most of the funds have teams of under 10 people.

Why are you organizing this?

Venture capital is a highly opaque part of the startup world. There are usually select few chances for people to break into the space and we wanted to give people a chance to get a practical view behind the curtain. While we of course welcome applications from the young and ambitious, the program is by no means only aimed at students or the recently graduated.

Where have previous fellows ended up?

A small few joined the funds they worked with as part-time or full-time employees. We've also seen a number of them join other funds not part of the program. And of course some have gone onto found their own startups. So far we've run the program a few times in the last three years, so we still expect great things to come from our alumni.

How much time should I expect to use on a weekly basis?

Approximately 15-20 hours. However, you can agree on different hours with the fund you eventually end up working with. Each week we will also hold an hour-long session among all the fellows where we explore various VC topics in a discussion or presentation held by the investors.

If I am not chosen, can I apply again in the future?

Absolutely! When we open applications next, we’d be happy to review applications from former applicants who have advanced their work.